Рейтинг «Пурпурного легиона» c 29 июня по 5 июля 2009 года

  1. Krall, Diana. Live In Rio
  2. Cohen, Leonard. Live In London
  3. Rolling Stones. The Biggest Bang (BR)
  4. Queen/Rodgers, Paul. Live In Ukraine
  5. Brightman, Sarah. Symphony: Live In Vienna
  6. Iron Maiden. Flight 666 (BR)
  7. Ramsey, Lewis. Legends of Jazz (BR)
  8. Farmer, Mylene. Live A Bercy
  9. Deep Purple. Live In Concert 72/73 (DVD) (PAL)
  10. AC/DC. Live In Donnington (BR)
  11. Krall, Diana. Live In Rio (BR)
  12. Farmer, Mylene. Mylenium Tour
  13. Pink Floyd. Pulse (2DVD)
  14. Genesis. When In Rome 2007 (3DVD)
  15. Terminator 3. Action (Metal Box) (ABC) (Rus 5. 1)
  16. Dream Theater. Chaos In Motion 2007/2008 (3DVD)
  17. Deep Purple. Come Hell Or High Water
  18. Schulze, Klaus/Gerrard, Lisa. Dziekuje Bardzo
  19. Iron Maiden. Flight 666 (2DVD)
  20. Ac/Dc. Live At Donington
  21. Wonder, Stevie. Live At Last (Digi)
  22. Farmer, Mylene. Music Videos I
  23. Queen. Night At The Opera (DVDAudio)
  24. Family Guy, Vol. 7. Action
  25. Night Watch/Day Watch (Blu-ray)(English). Action
  26. Casino Royale. Action/Ws/Sub/Dub/Dol/Ac3/Coll/Ocrd
  27. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray). Adven
  28. Bananaz. Bananaz
  29. John, Elton. Elton 60 — Live At Madison Square Garden (BR)
  30. Nightwish. End Of An Era (BR)
  31. Rammazzotti, Eros. Eros Live In Rome, July 7th
  32. Arabesque. Gretest Hits
  33. Brightman, Sarah. Harem — A Desert Fantasy
  34. D. J. Krush. History Of
  35. Jackson, Michael. History On Film
  36. My Bloody Valentine 3-D. Horror/Sci-Fi/Ws/Dol/Ac3/Dts/Spec/Sub
  37. Led Zeppelin. How The West Was Won (2DVD)
  38. Dido. Live
  39. Heart. Live — Soundstage
  40. Osbourne, Ozzy. Live At Budokan
  41. Wonder, Stevie. Live At Last
  42. Tangerine Dream. Live At The Tempodrome Berlin
  43. Queen. Live At Wembley Stadium (2DVD) (PAL)
  44. Hendrix, Jimi. Live At Woodstock (2DVD)
  45. Camouflage. Live In Dresden (DVD/CD)
  46. Botti, Chris. Live: With Orchestra&Special Guests (BR)
  47. Styx&Contemporary Youth Orchestra (BR). One With Everything
  48. Beck, Jeff. Performing This Week... Live At Ronnie Scott’s (BR)
  49. Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake (BR)
  50. Scorpions. Unbreakable World Tour/One Night In Vienna Live
  51. Tribute To Pavarotti. Various/Ws/Sub/Dol/Ac3/Dts
  52. Pink Floyd. Wall
  53. 72 Complete. (Ultimate Collectors Edition)
  54. Fancy. 20 Years — Club Concert Live (DVD)
  55. Meat Loaf. 3 Bats Live (BR)
  56. Mayall, John. 70Th Birthday Concert (DVD/CD)
  57. Gathering. A Noise Severe (2DVD)
  58. Terminator 2 Complete Collectors (Limited). Action
  59. Brisco Country. Action
  60. Powder Blue. Action
  61. Street Fighter Legend Of Chun-li (Blu-ray). Action
  62. Fast&Furious Trilogy (Blu-Ray). Action
  63. Charles Bronson DVD action Pack. Action
  64. Kickboxer [Blu-ray]. Action
  65. Ghostbusters (Blu-Ray). Action
  66. Ragtime. Action
  67. Gran Torino [Blu-ray]. Action
  68. History Of The Boston Bruins. Action
  69. 1066. Action
  70. Can On A Hot Tin Roof. Action
  71. Constantine (Blu-Ray). Action
  72. Hancock (Blu-ray). Action
  73. Incendiary (Blu-Ray). Action
  74. Kil Bill Vol. 1 (Blu-ray). Action
  75. Kil Bill Vol. 2 (Blu-ray). Action
  76. Licence To Kill (Blu-Ray). Action
  77. Point Break (BR). Action
  78. Rambo Trilogy (Blu-ray). Action
  79. Sin City (Unrated) (Blu-Ray). Action
  80. Top Gun (Blu-ray). Action
  81. Tudors Season 2 (England). Action
  82. Highlander 1. Action (Steelbook) (AB)
  83. War Of The Worlds. Action/(2DVD)/LimEd
  84. Hidalgo. Action/BR
  85. Palmer, Robert. Addictions
  86. Chronicles Of Narnia 2/Prince Kaspian. Adventures (BC) (Rus5. 1)
  87. Turner, Tina. All The Best — Live Collection (DVD) (PAL)
  88. Bad Religion. Along The Way (DVD)
  89. Bennett, Tony. An American Classic (BR)
  90. Wall-E With Figurie (Japan). Anim
  91. Chronological Donald Vol 4. Animation
  92. Final Fantasy Box. Animation
  93. Verdi. Attila (DVD)
  94. Aznavour, Charles. Au Carnegie Hall (PAL)
  95. Netrebko, Anna. Bellini: I Puritani (2DVD)
  96. Orbison, Roy. Black & White Night (BR)
  97. Within Temptation. Black Symphony (2BR)
  98. Lully. Bourgeois Gentilhomme/Dumestre 2 DVD
  99. Bruce Lee Collection. Box (5DVD)
  100. Sting. Bring On The Night (BR)

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